Cryptanthus Absolute Zero is a hybrid of Cryptanthus Sweet Tooth and Cryptanthus Ice Age, and is a study in vivid contrasts. Gently undulating white banding graces deep maroon, lightly-serrated leaves that meet in the  center to form a low, spreading rosette. This striking plant will bring a touch of the exotic to your home, order yours today! 


Cryptanthus Absolute Zero | 2.75-inch

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  • Cryptanthus, sometimes called earth stars, are a genus of bromeliads from the lush rainforests of Brazil and the surrounding regions, where they form flat, colorful rosettes on the ground. Grow these tropical wonders in bright light for the best coloration.

    They are truly terrestrial, preferring to be potted in soil. We grow our Cryptanthus in plastic pots in an 80/20 peat-perlite mix, but most good potting soils will work. They prefer an acidic medium, so peat-based media work well.

    These plants will form a more extensive root system than most bromeliads, so they can be put in a larger pot than many other potted bromeliads. They enjoy good humidity, and do not like to dry out between waterings; water as the surface of the media begins to dry slightly.

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